Healthy weight management is 30% exercise and 70% what you eat! So you can exercise all you like, but if you don’t pay attention to what you put in your mouth then those unwanted kilos might not disappear as quickly as you’d like.

Healthy eating is a concept that most of us think we understand already. Unfortunately we are often mis-guided by the media and clever marketing campaigns. Are you your ideal weight? If the answer is no...even though you eat well and exercise regularly...then maybe you don’t know as much as you think....

At Health Angels, we challenge you to reassess what you think you know about eating well and participate in our 12 week nutrition program.

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healthy eating plan to a body you love.

How does the “Stairway to Health Heaven” work?

Each week you’ll receive a nutritional challenge from us via email.  The first 12 weeks are designed to help you form healthy eating habits that will last you a lifetime.

Your weekly challenge will include relevant supporting information to guide and  educate you...and also a tasty recipe of the week to help you integrate your new learnings.

Using your nutritional journal, you’ll track how you are going on a weekly basis and assess your results regularly. Bring your nutrition journal with you to your fitness sessions for weekly feedback from your personal trainer.

In just 12 weeks you’ll look and feel amazing and your body will thank you for finally giving up the fad dieting!


“I know it's early days but I'm finding the nutritional program brilliant, I've significantly increased my water intake, stopped drinking coke (and I was drinking about close to a litre a day on bad days) and am feeling healthier and not so tired! And my little boy loves the "pink milk" - the shake for this week (as does my puppy but that's another story!)” Sasha Williams, ANZ

Weight loss the Health Angels way!

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A Healthy Investment

Nutrition only = $25 per week

1 group fitness + nutrition add $20 pw

2 group fitness + nutrition add $15 pw

3 group fitness + nutrition add $15 pw

PT + nutrition add $15 pw