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I had always been the "sporty type" right up until I had my three children. I put on more weight after each pregnancy, was as unfit as I have ever been and had a significant amount of ongoing back pain thrown in for good measure. After researching some options on the net, my husband gave me a gentle push in the direction of Health Angels 6 months ago and I haven't looked back since. Through a combination of the Health Angels nutrition program and 2 training sessions a week, I've lost 9kg and an incredible 14cm off my waist and 4.5cm from my hips and thighs. I really didn't think those kind of results were possible just by kick starting my metabolism in the mornings and eating 6 times a day! Although I often have to talk myself out of bed on those dark, winter mornings, I always feel fantastic when I get home. Our trainer shows me low impact alternatives to the exercises that would aggravate my back injury and takes the time to provide me with exercises that I can do at home to strengthen my back. My fitness has improved and I am looking forward to wearing some of those size 12 dresses in my wardrobe this summer. My husband is pretty pleased that I am getting my old figure back too!! Lynette Airey, Group Fitness Program

“I have been training with Health Angels for over a year now and absolutely love it! I joined the Mums and Bubs group when my second child was 3 months old as I had put on 17kgs with my second pregnancy and was feeling fat, unfit and tired. Having never really exercised in the past and knowing how boring I found the gym I thought exercising outdoors would be a great motivator and it really has been! I couldn't believe the changes I felt mentally and physically so quickly. My first training session was hard slog - I could hardly do the warm up run and I think I only managed about 5 push-ups! I really enjoy how each week is different so it never gets boring, how you get 1 on 1 attention from the trainers and the fitness assessments let you know how you are doing and what areas you need to work on.

As a very busy Mum I find it is great 'me' time and I'm so proud of the strong, healthy body I now have and that I can now do over 20 push-ups and I could never have done this without the Health Angels team constantly kicking my butt!”  Sarah Hutton-Squire, Mums & Bubs Fitness Program

“In the past I had always lacked motivation to exercise and constantly came up with excuses, the main one being I work too much and don't have the time.  After moving to Melbourne in March 2011, I saw the Health Angels group training in my local park and contacted Michelle.  I have now been a member since April and think it is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  Even though it has been cold and dark each morning lately, I really enjoy getting up and attending the training sessions.  I love the fact that I exercise in the mornings before work, so I can no longer use the excuse that I get home from work too late! 

I feel so much better for exercising on a regular basis, have a better understanding of nutrition, I feel more energised, I can see changes in my body shape already and I know that my fitness is improving (as I am finding the exercises easier to do even the warm up jog around the park)!  I am constantly telling my family, friends and work mates how much I enjoy going to the group fitness classes each week.  The team at Health Angels are very professional, they know what they are talking about, they keep each session different and interesting, they keep you motivated, they are encouraging and they are very accessible if you have any questions or need any advice.  All the members of my training group are really nice and I have found it a great way to meet new people

Becoming a member of Health Angels has helped with achieving a better balance between work and life.  I totally recommend joining Health Angels!” Nadine Carswell, Group Fitness Program

“I joined Health Angels last December and had not exercised regularly since falling pregnant (Nov 08). I remember those first sessions where I struggled to run the warm up lap. I signed up for 3 sessions per week and as my fitness improved I had more energy and felt so much better.  I have been a member of a gym in the past but found I quickly get bored and lost motivation.  I love the fact that every session is different and being outdoors (even in winter) is a great environment to train in.  It's just a fantastic way to start the day.

To give my fitness an extra boost I joined the running group which I just love.  The variety of locations along the bay made each session unique and exciting.  A time trial at the start of the program and end were a great way to see the improvement made. We entered the Mothers Day Classic and I was thrilled to be able to run the 8km circuit.  I now want to challenge myself by running further.” Jo Rogan, Group Fitness Program

“When I joined Health Angels in January this year, I hadn't exercised regularly since having children (my son is 5 and my daughter is 18 months old). I was starting to feel sluggish and generally un-fit. 

I came across Health Angels and I knew I'd found something that I would stick to because it would easily to fit into my day. I loved the idea of being outdoors and that every session is slightly different. I was ready and really keen to get going again so I signed up to three morning sessions per week.

Within weeks, the benefits were easy to see; my posture improved, my body felt stronger and slightly more toned (there's definitely less jiggle around the edges). The sessions have made me feel more energised and although some mornings I find it hard to drag myself out of bed, it actually is a nice way to start the day. 

I have also - very unexpectedly - started to enjoy running. So much so, that I’d like to join the Health Angels Running Workshop!

Recently I went away with a couple of girlfriends for a long weekend. I must've been gushing about my progress because one of them went home to Sydney and joined a similar fitness group that week!”  Joanna Hall, Group Fitness Program

“After I had given birth to my two children (now 1 and 3 years of age) I quickly became unfit and unhappy with my body. I began attending twice-weekly training sessions with Health Angels in late 2010 and very quickly I made solid progress in my fitness levels. So much so, that by the time the one-month break over Christmas arrived, I was determined not to backtrack and lose the benefits of my hard work. In the week between Christmas and New Year, while my husband, kids and I stayed in Phillip Island with my parents, each morning my husband and I would leave the kids with my parents and jog a 5km circuit through the tourist precinct, along the beach and back up to the house we were renting.

It was hard keeping up with my husband at first because he is a seasoned jogger, but by the sixth morning I found the jog was not only much easier, but even enjoyable: we were able to spend some rare time alone without the kids. I loved it.

My experience shows how quickly what first seems to be a chore, like regaining some fitness, can become a treat – I even inspired my mother, who attends her own personal training sessions with Health Angels, to start her own jogging routine.” Maria Kelty, Freelance Copyeditor, Mums and Bubs Group Fitness

“I joined Health Angels 6 months after having my first child, John. Two Mums and Bubs sessions a week saw me at the fittest i’d been since high school and gave me the energy to run after my son. Within the first 12 weeks I had already lost 12cm off my waist!

After finding out I was pregnant with my second child I kept up mums and bubs sessions for as long as I could and then had Personal Training sessions with Michelle, until the day I went into hospital. The great thing was, that I could bring John with me, so I didn’t need to find a babysitter. Keeping up my fitness right through pregnancy meant I only put on half the weight compared to my first pregnancy. Just 4 weeks after Eva’s arrival I felt ready to begin gentle exercise again, and the hospital physio couldn’t believe how my abdominal wall had stayed intact. I resumed my PT sessions and am thrilled with how my strength has returned so quickly. It’s only 10 weeks after Eva’s arrival I’m already wearing all my pre-pregnancy clothes...even my skinny jeans!!” Jess Conway, 1 on 1 Personal Training and Mums & Bubs Group Fitness

“I joined Health Angels in April to get fit and give me more energy 6 months after having my third child.  I had set myself the goal of running 10km in the Run Melbourne and knew I would struggle to get up and train on those cold winter mornings.  Michelle and her team were great - not only for the motivation of having to get up to meet someone, they improved my running technique (or lack of one!) and added things to my exercise regime that pushed me over the plateau I was at with my fitness and get better results.  I completed the Run Melbourne and have done another fun run and ocean ‘fun’ swim since. I have got more energy for my family and have managed to start back at work without being too exhausted – just a bit exhausted.  I am appreciating the outdoor environment and love the time out it gives me to do something for myself.  A big thanks to Michelle (and my lovely husband who does breakfast for our 3 little darlings while I exercise!)” Anna A’Beckett, 1 on 1 Personal Training

I joined Health Angels in February of this year and have enjoyed every minute of the outdoor fitness program. I am from Canada and being able to exercise twelve months of the year OUTSIDE with wonderful instructors and great friends has been a highlight of my time in Melbourne. When I started I wanted to increase my strength, flexibility and muscle tone and what the program had to offer was well above my expectations.

The variety of class times, exercises and the fun we have each and every morning makes exercise a very important part of my lifestyle now. The fitness assessment was beneficial for me to see my improvement at six weeks and again at twelve weeks and I was amazed at how well I felt and how I was making improvements in all areas! If you ever wondered how to get started in an exercise program that would be fun, challenging and accessible give Health Angels a go and you will LOVE IT! I have increased my strength, lost weight and have had a lot of fun at the same time! Choice of classes are many and if you have to miss a class or two there is great flexibility to make up the class! I will continue with Health Angels as long as we are living in Melbourne! The results are so worth the hard work!!!  Cathy Gardner, Group Fitness Program

I joined Health Angels in April this year to help get motivated about fitness during the winter months. I initially struggled with the early morning rises with excuses rolling around in my head about why I didn’t need to go to class. I now look forward to the classes and wake up bright and ready for action.

The group fitness sessions are unlike any impersonal gym or dreaded army style boot camp. The fantastic  instructors make the classes varied and tailored to fit everyone’s abilities. It’s great seeing the same faces every session and encouraging each other while getting fit and having fun. I’ve found that my overall fitness and strength has increased, it’s easier to keep up with my group mates and I’ve got more motivation to exercise outside of group training. I’ve even been practicing the plank at home so I do better at my fitness test!  After 6 months I'm hooked and I know Health Angels will be a part of my fitness regime for a long time! Kellie Thompson, Marketing Assistant, Group Fitness Program

I have been a member of Health Angels for almost a year now and what a year it has been! Michelle and her team, in their very personal, approachable ways, have encouraged me to achieve better than my best, always aiming for what I once thought unachievable. In the past, I have always enjoyed exercising and staying fit. Everything from joining the gym to dancing, aerobics, gym classes - you name it! Health Angels is a completely different experience. After all this time exercising outdoors, I cannot imagine stepping into the confines of an overcrowded, stuffy gym again. I would like to thank all the angels for their incredible effort and enthusiasm, particularly over the winter months. No matter how wet or cold it was, I could be guaranteed that I would be met with a smiling face for my sessions. I now look forward to stepping into spring feeling energised, fit and healthy - thanks to a fantastic winter of workouts! Bearing in mind that it is never to late to begin an exercise regime, I encourage anyone considering 'signing up' to a programme to give Health Angels a try. When it comes to eating and exercising right, there is no 'I'll start tomorrow.' There is no better feeling than being fit and healthy - and what a great reward for minimal effort. As Cher said - ' If fitness came in a bottle, everybody would have a great body.'  Dorienne Shakenovsky, Architect, Group Fitness Program

"I joined health angels in December last year in the vain hope that I may gain some fitness, lose a little bit of weight and get my arthritic right knee to move again.

Over the last 6 months I have made it to Allnutt park most Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning for fantastic 45 minute sessions with Lorraine and Bronte. They are great trainers who closely monitor how each member of the group is traveling and make sure everyone is achieving their goals. Every session is a little different with heaps of variety in terms of exercises and circuits. It is also good fun working out with a great bunch of people as the sun rises!! Its hard work getting out of bed for the 6.30am start but it feels great afterwards. I now have gained some fitness, I have lost a bit of weight and most importantly I can bend my right leg!!" -Dean Yates, Deputy Secretary, Budget & Financial Management, Department of Treasury & Finance

"I started with Health Angels a year ago with the Mums and Bubs group six months after having my second child. I needed something to shift the post baby weight and get me kick started into doing something not only for myself, but for my depleted energy levels. After the first 12 weeks and eight centimetres lost from my waistline, I was hooked.

After another six months and a return to work, I continued with the morning sessions and while I don't think it ever gets easier getting up in the morning to go running, it is the continued results, how much better I feel, variety and supportive environment that keeps me coming back. I've probably trained with every trainer in the year I've been with Health Angels, and can honestly say that they are all great. They know their stuff when it comes to fitness and certainly keep it interesting so that at times, you forget that you are doing exercise. The flexibility offered is also a plus when it comes to juggling a busy home, work and personal life. I love that if I miss a session I can make it up at another time and therefore not feel as guilty when I inevitably reach for the chocolate in the evening to boost the sugar levels. Health Angels are now part of my lifestyle and I know that I am much healthier for it." -Karen Winsbury, Public Relations. Group Fitness Program

I have joined many gyms over the years all of which I found quite boring after a few weeks.

The big difference with Health Angels is that I feel part of a team.

I enjoy the range of exercises and the instructors are extremely encouraging and most important make the experience fun and we all have a good laugh. This helps when it is pitch black, freezing and sometimes wet!! The fact that I am still keen reflects how much enjoyment I get.  PS: I even found out who's who in 'Sex and the City' -Tom Quinn, Quinns Plumming, Group Fitness Program

"I'm so glad I treated myself to a Health Angel. The regular sessions I have attended with Lorraine have helped me focus on my goals and exceed my expectations with regards to my health and general fitness.After two children it is great to get back into shape. I feel much stronger, have more energy, better muscle definition, and have improved my fitness. I enjoy the variety of the group training sessions and the Sunday Running Program  (whilst very challenging) is a great way to push yourself that little bit extra . It's only been a few months but I can see the changes and now I'm addicted!" - Kylie, Group Fitness

Thanks Health Angels. Having been assessed after my first 12 weeks, I was blown away with my results. 11cm off my waist. My strength, fitness and tone have improved each week. Friends and family had commented on how well I was looking and this confirmed for me the results I was feeling. With three teenage boys, I have the energy to keep up with our busy lives. I still have some work to do to reach my own personal goals but am well on the way. Health Angels have kept me motivated with their variety of exercises, flexibility with session times, advice and the outdoor setting. I needed to do this for myself and the individual results speak for themselves. If you are contemplating doing something about your fitness or tone or energy levels or weight, put it off no longer. Get out there. I look forward to my next assessment. Bring it on. Cheers Vicky’ , - Vicky Lowe, Group Fitness Program

There are so many things to like about being a member of Health Angels. It’s very pleasant to exercise outdoors, as part of a small group, with knowledgeable leaders who offer endless encouragement, attention to detail, follow up, challenge, and variety.  Every session is different. Another good thing is the company of my classmates - we have lots of laughs and delight in each other’s success.

Now into my second twelve-week program, I’m happy with improvements in all aspects of my fitness.   There is certainly room for more improvement, and thanks to Grant, Michelle and Bronte, I’m feeling very motivated to continue. 

If you’d told me last October that I would actually look forward to starting my day by getting up in the dark and then being able to run around the park without stopping, I wouldn’t have believed you.  Now I do, and can! -Janet Longley, Group Fitness Program